Mechanical Plumber Jobs

Mechanical plumber jobs are quite similar when compared to regular plumbing jobs, but there are some differences that need to be taken into account. The mechanical plumber is also known as a mechanical contractor and will mainly install, design and service different mechanical systems that are present in a home or a commercial building. This will include work that is characteristic of an air conditioning professional, a duct work manufacturer or a plumber. Most of the mechanical plumbers will specialize in specific mechanical systems.

Types of mechanical plumber jobs

There are two main categories of mechanical plumber jobs. There are specialists in HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning). These professionals will mainly focus on cooling/heating systems and ductwork. The second type is linked to work that is done on plumbing systems or transportation pipes. In most cases there are also other types of jobs that can be performed by these professionals if required, such as:

Training and education

There are minor differences from one state to another when thinking about mechanical plumber jobs. However, in most states there is a need to earn a local license before you will be able to work. This is important as it attests that the systems are to be installed and designed correctly while minimizing injury and accident risks. Most mechanical plumbers are going to learn all that is necessary by going through an apprenticeship program that is offered by a trade school, contracting companies or various unions. After approximately 4 or 5 years, the person who has worked as an apprentice can take a licensing test and become authorized.

Employment and salary

If you are interested in mechanical plumber jobs, you should know that work is usually available at local HVAC and plumbing companies. It is also possible to work with a general contractor or directly with municipalities or a large business. Trade schools and unions are going to help different students to get in touch with various potential employers. Once hired, mechanical plumber jobs bring in a really good salary. A median hourly range for a plumbing specialist was of around $22 and for an HVAC specialist of $19 in 2008.

Things to consider

It is really important to understand the fact that mechanical plumber jobs are going to be performed in noisy, dirty and potentially dangerous conditions regularly. The experts will need to work in any kind of weather and are usually involved in fixing large machinery. Some tasks might have to be performed at a great height and there is always a need to make sure that protective equipment is utilized. Heavy objects and power tools need to be handled in some cases and welding tools will be necessary to join ducts or pipes. It should also be noted that most mechanical plumber jobs will require the professional to be available on call at any hour of the day.

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