Plumbing Jobs Overseas

The temptation is always there to look for plumbing jobs overseas. If you are a master plumber or a skilled and qualified plumber, the attraction to work overseas does have a number of positive merits that are worth considering seriously. Accepting a job or a contract that takes you away from home and your friends and family should be rewarded accordingly. Plumbing jobs overseas can be both lucrative and rewarding. A chance to find out how plumbers work in different countries and getting to learn the culture and customs of places that you have been to are also positive reasons for considering plumbing jobs overseas.

Plumbing jobs overseas: Is it a paid holiday?

It would be nice if this was the case, however the reality is far different from this dream. If you plan your plumbing jobs overseas carefully you will be able to do your job well, get paid according to your skill and receive extra income because you have been prepared to work a long way from home. However, it is very important to be ready to accept the down side of working a long way from home.


What are some of the challenges you might be facing? Didn't cross your mind, folks? Actually, plumbing jobs overseas are not what we call "easy breezy" as you can:

The best pay working in plumbing jobs overseas as a US citizen

Not surprisingly, Iraq and Afghanistan offer the best rates of pay. As the US military completes its pull out of Iraq this market opportunity is now closing, however, Afghanistan is still a lucrative market to consider. Master plumbers can expect to be paid up to $1,700 per week to work for the major construction contractors. However, for this money there are certain problems and difficulties.

One of the first challenges is that very often you will be working under fire. There is no “front line” in Afghanistan and attacks can develop from any direction. For this reason you will be strongly advised by the security forces to make sure that you have adequate body protection to avoid personal injury from a terrorist attack. 

The second problem is that as a master plumber who has accepted one of the many plumbing jobs overseas you are not responsible for the hiring and firing of your workforce. The prime contractor can present you with a team whose skills are well below your requirements and at the same time unable to speak your language. Many time the interpreter who is supplied does not understand anything about plumbing and is therefore of little assistance as you try to get the job done. A strong recommendation is to get assistance from colleagues who have been working in the country for some months or years and build your own team as soon as possible.

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