Plumbing Maintenance Jobs

Maintaining a home or office plumbing system is a key aspect of any comprehensive maintenance plan. A simple plumbing checklist could make this effort easy and quick when it is being carried out. The checklist also helps in ensuring that you do not overlook anything, including sinks, laundry facilities, toilets, bathrooms, bathtubs and other plumbing systems. Although doing your own small repairs is a good idea, it is always a better idea seek the help of professional maintenance plumbers for serious or even dangerous repair projects. However, where do you find a plumbing maintenance worker?

Job description of a plumbing maintenance worker

Plumbing maintenance jobs fall under the category of plumbing jobs. A plumbing maintenance worker first investigates and diagnoses the problem to help him/her decide the most efficient method of tackling it. Besides that, plumbing maintenance jobs include carrying out certain water, drainage and heating systems maintenance and routine tasks, to ensure that these systems are operating correctly. Plumbing maintenance jobs also involve a number of things that include:

Training required for plumbing maintenance jobs

Plumbing maintenance jobs usually require you to have at least a high school diploma. An individual can learn other skills informally as he or she gets on the job training. Most maintenance plumbers start as helpers for plumbers; carrying out simple tasks such as fixing faucets and replacing bulbs. With time, they move on to advanced duties as they gain more experience in plumbing maintenance jobs. The majority of employers or plumbing companies provide their employees with technical education while some states require you to have a license before looking for plumbing maintenance jobs.

Many maintenance plumbers gain professional certification as a way of remaining competitive in the field. Such professionals are expected to have critical thinking skills, reading, active listening and strong problem solving skills.

Salary range of plumbing maintenance jobs

Plumbing maintenance jobs are a great choice for those with strong interests in performing various maintenance and repair tasks. The annual salary range of plumbing maintenance workers is about $20,350 to $53,940 per annum. This depends highly on the place of employment and the state.

What is expected of a professional plumbing maintenance worker?

Professional plumbing workers are expected to be dependable, since the job requires fulfilling obligations and responsibilities. In addition, plumbing maintenance jobs require an individual to have great attention to detail and have a high level of integrity. The worker should also be able to work independently with little or no supervision.

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