Plumbing Estimator Job

If you have ever had a plumbing problem you will know how important it is to get a quote or estimate before a plumber starts to work on removing parts or repairing them. In fact, many people get a few different quotes to compare. You may be surprised at the difference that plumbers charge for their services.

A plumbing estimator job is a very real asset to any plumbing company or contractor and the figures produced can either secure a contract or lose a job opportunity. In today’s climate all firms are doing their best to secure work, not only to keep their business going, but also to keep their employees in a job. Therefore, a plumbing estimator job can be quite a stressful venture.

Can just about anyone get plumbing estimator jobs?

The answer to this is a resounding "no"! This is a very technical job and one that requires in-depth and detailed knowledge of the plumbing trade. Very often a person that has been in the plumbing trade for a good many years may decide to branch out into the more hands-off technical side. If this is your preferred avenue of choice then you will have to have an excellent knowledge of plumbing and it will also help to have a great list of contacts.

Attending educational classes in project management will also give you a good grounding in estimating too. This is the minimum essential requirement. If you are looking at a plumbing estimator job and you are still in high school, then you will need to attend further education classes in a technical college or university to obtain a degree qualification.

What does it take to be a plumbing estimator?

Of course, you may be lucky enough to work for a company where you have risen through the ranks due to your sheer hard work and determination and you may have few formal qualifications. Some companies such as this may recognize your talents and may allow you to take on the plumbing estimator job, but you will have to demonstrate your abilities for this, and in all likelihood you may be required to attend a few further educational classes to bring you up to speed. Therefore, as you can see, there are a few routes to acquiring a plumbing estimator job. These are:

Choosing your education

Once you have decided that you are interested in a plumbing estimator job, you will have to secure the training. There are many technical colleges and universities that offer degree courses. In fact, there are also online learning facilities too, and these are just as effective as local universities. However, a word of caution, ensure your online degree program gives a recognizable qualification at the end of the course. Online courses are cheaper as they cut down on traveling costs, housing costs, and etc., but there are also many scams, so do your research thoroughly if this is the route you decide on.

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