Plumbing Jobs In Chicago

In order to increase their chances of landing one of the many plumbing jobs in Chicago, plumbers must consider getting a license to practice, and this can be issued by the Illinois Department of Public Health. In Illinois, and respectively Chicago, the plumbing license is issued by the Department of Public Health as improper installations in this trade can lead to potentially dangerous outcomes, such as releasing toxic gases into the environment, for instance. It is also important to note that plumbers who apply for the licensure examination must complete at least 2 years of high school, 1250 of classroom hours and at least 4 years of apprenticeship.

Plumbing jobs in Chicago: Important details to remember

In Chicago, licensed plumbers are required by law to renew their licensure annually, before the 30th of April. However, the good news is that plumbers only need to enroll in a minimum of 4 hours of continuing education and they can renew the license directly on the Department of Public Health’s website. At the same time, all plumbers are obliged to send in a Plumber Application Child Support Certification form along with the other necessary paperwork, regardless of whether they have children or not. By not sending the aforementioned form or worse, providing fraudulent or false information, they risk losing the license.

The paperwork needed for registration or renewal of licensure

In order to register themselves and be able to perform the various plumbing jobs in Chicago legally, plumbers must not forget to send in the necessary documents to renew or register their licensure. The Illinois Department of Public Health does not take into account licenses that are not currently valid. Consequentially, if the license is to be issued by the city of Chicago, then the application must be sent no more than 15 days after receiving the renewal notice. The other mandatory documents to send in order to continue performing plumbing jobs in Chicago include:

Continual increase in plumbing jobs in Chicago

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for experienced and skilled plumbers in Chicago is greater than the supply, a fact that is in agreement with the Occupational Outlet Handbook. It is also expected that the high demand in licensed plumbers will increase in the next several years even further, given the new construction contracts signed. The need for this profession can also be seen in the average salary earned by plumbers in Chicago, which is estimated at around $50,000 per year.

Since Chicago is quite a large metropolis, it is only natural that the annual income of a plumber is 5% higher than the rest of the salaries earned by plumbers nationwide. At the same time, it is worth pointing out that those plumbers with a specialization, vast experience or who work in bigger companies have the highest salaries.

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