Plumbing Jobs In Georgia

Before browsing through the various available plumbing jobs in Georgia, plumbers are required to attain a license from the Georgia Construction Industry Licensing Board. Even though it is not mandatory, it is the plumber’s best interest to complete a plumbing program at a technical or vocational school. The reason for this is that every agency looking for plumbers expects the applicants to have some training before hiring them as apprentices. After completing 3 years of apprenticeship under the supervision of a licensed plumber, this professional will be ready to apply for journeyman plumber certification and offer his services legally.

How to become a licensed plumber in Georgia

First off, apprentices who are interested in plumbing jobs in Georgia need to get their license in plumbing and for this they should submit a completed application form and the associated examination fee 60 days prior to the exam. The last step to becoming a licensed plumber, and taking advantage of the various plumbing jobs in Georgia, is passing the examination. It is highly recommended that candidates actually prepare themselves for the license exam and not engage in misconducts, as they will be disqualified from the test. In order to pass the exam, candidates must obtain a score of at least 70 and candidates can apply for three types of licenses:

The plumbing jobs in Georgia demand experience

First off, plumbing jobs in Georgia require a licensed plumber to have extensive knowledge of the state laws and the profession’s regulations and codes; information that will be included in the examination. The professional must also know the ins and outs of plumbing, namely how to perform pipe cutting, joining activities, plumbing system installation, testing and maintaining operations, repair activities, and so on. Furthermore, a licensed plumber must show that he knows the plumbing system designs and prove that he can select the best tools and materials to get the job done.

In addition, he must also be aware of the safety-related issues of the profession, as plumbing is not one of the most hazard-free careers a person can pursue. The plumber must have some basic knowledge of physics and mathematics, as he needs to measure and calculate during installation, maintenance or repairing activities. In a nutshell, the plumber must know how to calculate the volume, offset, area, pressure, weight, radius, circumference, etc.

Average earnings for the best paid plumbing jobs in Georgia

The good news for apprentice plumbers that want to be licensed is that the average income of this professional in the state of Georgia is around $50,000, meaning 5% more than the average salaries earned by plumbers nationwide. According to a reputable website the commercial plumbers earn the lowest average salaries, meaning approximately $41,000, whilst the highest salaries go to specialized plumbers. Even further great news is that according to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, the demand for specialists in this field is expected to grow 16% by 2018 countrywide.

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