Plumbing Jobs In Colorado

Plumbing jobs in Colorado, according to the current form of the legislation mandated by the state, require licensing. The good news for people who show an interest in the plumbing profession is that they are able to acquire more advanced training in Colorado than in the most states.

To put it simply, the plumbers can achieve any of the following licenses:

The requirements for each individual category of plumbers vary, but so do the financial rewards. However, first things first, the apprenticeship period is mandatory for all of them, so let’s take a closer look.

The apprenticeship period for plumbers

Getting the apprenticeship via one of the Colorado unions is an excellent idea, as that involves earning money (although not as much) while simultaneously training to become a professional plumber. For aspiring plumbers, the most common choices in Colorado are represented by:

It is notable that it is more difficult to get into, given the fact that they only accept a single applicant each year. However, the disciplines as well as the scheduling of the program are similar for both union apprenticeships. They include, but are not limited to, mathematics and plan drawing, welding techniques, medical gas equipment, backflow prevention systems, etc. The candidates for these programs are selected based on their G.E.D. scores, physical aptitudes and WorkKey scores. At the same time, the minimum joining age is 18 and the driver’s license is a mandatory criteria.

Mandatory apprenticeship period for plumbers

After following one of the aforementioned 5 year apprenticeships in full, candidates can apply directly for the master plumbing certification. For the other two categories of plumbing certifications, the apprenticeship durations are as follows:

However, the actual work experience during the apprenticeship can be supplemented by education via an accredited learning facility providing plumbing programs. The rate at which the experience is registered is 1 hour for each 6 hours spent in training. Alternatively, working as a plumber in the army is also taken into account, at the rate of 1 month’s experience for every 6 months in service. Basically, acquiring the experience that deems a candidate eligible for the certification exam is not a difficult task. On the other hand, the applicant must prove that he acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to pass the test. Let’s see what this involves.

The plumbing license test in Colorado

As mentioned, the license is the only thing that stands between the apprentice plumber and the plumbing jobs in Colorado. On a side note, it costs $50 to file the application form and $72 to partake in the actual examination, but the good news is that the cost of having the license issued is included and will be mailed to the individuals that pass the test. The plumbing license tests comprises of the theoretical section, targeting the applicants knowledge regarding drainage systems, fixtures, blueprints and calculations as well as gas transportation system and the practical section.

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