Plumbing Jobs In Idaho

Plumbing jobs in Idaho, as in the vast majority of the US, require an individual to be licensed and bonded. For this purpose, future plumbers will need to obtain one of the 4 types of certifications in Idaho or be a member of the states with which Idaho has a reciprocity contract. However, the eligibility of taking the examination and acquiring a license to work in the plumbing industry depends on a few criteria that will be listed in the following article.

To summarize the plumbing certifications issued by the state of Idaho, they are:

However, an individual that has attained journeyman or contractor certification is not required by law to apply for a specialty certification in order to work in the last two fields.

Starting the plumbing apprenticeship

The apprenticeship period can be counted among the plumbing jobs in Idaho, but with a few setbacks. To put it simply, the expertise of the apprentice plumber is limited and therefore he is required to work under supervision. At the same time, an apprentice plumber will only earn a predetermined percentage of the certified plumber salary. However, since it is mandatory, let’s find out where the candidates can apply for apprenticeship:

The former program was set in motion over one hundred years back and the initiative belongs to the United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters. This union allows aspiring plumbers, as well as pipefitters, to follow 5-year program that comprise of 280 hours of coursework and 2000 hours of hands-on practice. The former alternative is a bit more difficult to get into, as their maximum number of candidates is 8 per year. In essence, local area 648 provides full-time work opportunities as well as coursework twice every week.

The licensing and bonding process for plumbing jobs in Idaho

After having successfully completed one of the registered and approved apprenticeship programs, the plumber is eligible for a certification examination as journeyman, which will lead on to plumbing jobs in Idaho. In regards to the current legislation, the state of Idaho will not deem an individual eligible for the plumbing contractor license until he has 2.5 years of experience working as journeyman. The experience obtained working in one of the states with which Idaho has reciprocity contracts is also taken into account and these states are currently limited to:

In order to apply for the journeyman certification, the candidate will be required to pay a $15 tax, whereas the cost of the contractor certification is $75. In addition to that, the applicant will be charged a $22.50 fee for the form.

Average salary for plumbing jobs in Idaho

The average income for plumbers in the state of Idaho revolves at around $37,000 per year. The median wage is considered to be roughly 20 percent lower than the nationwide value and varies a bit from city to city. For instance, journeyman plumbers in Mountain Home earn approximately $35,000 per year at average and their counterparts in Rexburg make about $38,000.

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