Plumbing Jobs In Utah

If you are looking for plumbing jobs in Utah, you should take note that the authority that regulates the plumbing profession in the state of Utah is the Division of Occupational Licensing. The aforementioned division is appointed to issue the certification required by both registered plumbers categories; the journeymen and the residential journeymen plumbers.

Moreover, the Division of Occupational Licensing also handles the certification renewal process for the professions where it applies, and regarding the plumbers; the renewal has to be performed every 2 years. Therefore, residents in search of plumbing jobs in Utah will be required to file an application to this department before they are allowed to practice. However, the certification examination for plumbers has a few prerequisites.

Apprenticeship eligibility 

In order to become eligible for the accredited apprenticeship programs in Utah, potential plumbers and pipefitters will sometimes need a bit more than formal high school education. Although it is not always mandatory, the most sought after apprenticeship programs in Utah have rather high standards and the extra education can prove a valuable asset for the applicant. It is necessary to point out that aspiring plumbers can attain this education at various community colleges, such as the one in Salt Lake City.

Via these 2-year courses, which will involve both hands-on practice and the theoretical basics of the profession, the graduate will be awarded with the associate’s degree in applied sciences and the apprentice statute. However, before enrolling in the community college program, it is necessary to attain the approbation from the Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee in order to verify that it is listed among the ones endorsed by this authority.

Journeyman: Licensing prerequisites

The minimal apprenticeship period designated by the Division of Occupational Licensing authorities for the state of Utah is 4 years. Alternatively, candidates can also qualify for the examination if they have spent 8 years working in the service of a contractor accredited by this authority. However, with respect to the mandatory experience in terms of hours, a potential journeyman plumbing candidate should be able to list the following:

Resident journeyman plumber: Licensing prerequisites

As far as resident journeymen plumbers are concerned, the bar has been lowered a bit compared to the journeymen plumbers. The reason is that the plumbing jobs in Utah are not as complex for the residential sector and require a lower level of expertise. Consequentially, a residential journeyman plumber candidate will only be asked to undergo 3 years of apprenticeship and not 4.

At the same time, he will also need only 6 years of job training, rather than 8, to qualify for plumbing jobs in Utah. Nevertheless, the licensing costs in the state of Utah are the same for both categories of professional, meaning $110. The fee for renewing the license, which needs to be paid every 2 years, is also $110.

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