Plumbing Jobs Indiana

In order to land one of the plumbing jobs Indiana has available, an apprentice plumber will need to obtain the accreditation from the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency. The validity of the plumbing license is 2 years, after which time the plumber will be required to complete a renewal form. The renewal form can be acquired via the Indiana Public Commission website or at one of their office branches. It is necessary to point out that the IPL authorities can provide two types of work permits, as readers are about to find out. The owners of these licenses are either journeyman plumbers or plumbing contractors. Let’s look at the accreditation requirements for each one.

Journeyman plumber license requirements

Before applying for the examination that allows a person to find plumbing jobs Indiana as a journeyman, the candidate must first complete the apprenticeship period. In the state of Indiana, the minimum apprenticeship duration is 4 years and the number of hours spent doing actual plumbing work and acquiring the necessary experience is 6400. After this period, the apprentice plumber is able to apply for the examination, which comprises of a practical part and a written part. The cost of the examinations is either $25 or $50, according to whether the number of the year is even or odd.

Plumbing contractor license requirements

For individuals looking to become hired as plumbing contractors in the existing plumbing jobs Indiana, the education and experience is similar to the journeyman. In essence, 4 years spent in apprenticeship programs and 6400 hours spent in hands-on practice. However, the catch is that in order to become a plumbing contractor, an apprentice must also work for 4 years under the direct supervision of a certified plumber before he is eligible for the licensing examination. At the same time, the exam of the IPL is a bit more complex, incorporating the following sections:

It is important to note that an individual who already has a journeyman certification and applies for the plumbing contractor license will not be required to complete the practical part of the test. At the same time, the costs of the license are either $50 or $100, depending on whether the year is an odd or even number.

Average salaries for plumbing jobs Indiana

The median wage for plumbers in Indiana is currently around $50,000 per year, meaning that in this state plumbers earn 5 percent more than the nationwide median. Granted the salary varies according to the specialty of the plumber and the employer, meaning that while the salary of a plumbing inspector hired by the state of Indiana is around $65,000, a journeyman earns approximately $49,000 and a licensed plumbing contract maker roughly $50,000. In addition, plumbing jobs Indiana include benefits and bonuses that are awarded for extra hours of work.

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